Treasury Management


When the day-to-day money management can feel stressful and inefficient, let SouthPoint bank help make your time and money more manageable. You have a business to run. Let us handle the rest. We offer a number of Treasury Management services to help your business’ efficiency.

  • Positive Pay – Protect your business from fraud by sending us a file of issued checks which we match as items clear. True suspect items are reported online for you to decision.
  • ACH Cash Concentration - Transfer funds from multiple depository accounts at other institutions into SouthPoint via online banking utilizing ACH.
  • ACH Direct Deposit - Electronically deposit employees' net pay into their personal checking or savings accounts.
  • ACH Vendor Payments - Customers pay vendor partners electronically in lieu of having to mail checks before payment is due.
  • ACH Preauthorized Debits & Credits - Collect or disburse recurring payments electronically
  • Wires – Send domestic wires easily through online banking. International and domestic outgoing wires can be initiated via the wire department
  • Online Banking – View account balances for previous or current business days. Transfer funds between internal SouthPoint accounts, set reoccurring transfers, and pay down loans. Initiate stop payments at your convenience.
  • Lockbox - Streamline incoming payments by outsourcing A/R. Payments sent to a post office box, collected and deposited into the account by the Bank, and reported same-day online.
  • Merchant Card Services – Accept credit cards by partnering with one of our trusted partners.
  • Courier Services – Fast, door-to-door pickup and delivery service for deposit clients.

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