SouthPoint conventional loans come in a variety of options and with excellent advantages for qualified borrowers.


Federal Housing Administration Loan. If you lack credit, a down payment, or are unable to cover closing costs, an FHA loan may be the solution.


If you’re active duty military, a veteran or an eligible family member of a military veteran, you may qualify.


United States Department of Agriculture Loan. For buying in rural areas.

Home Possible/Home Ready

A flexible, low down payment loan program.

Bank Portfolio

As a bank, SouthPoint is able to help you purchase a home even if you have a unique situation.

Construction Permanent

Enjoy a single close program that will make the transition smooth and save you time and money.


You’re ready to buy a home but live in one of the nation’s priciest housing markets. Inventory is low. Demand is high. And home routinely cost over $1 million.

Renovation Loan

If you’re having difficulty getting approved for a loan on a place that needs improvement, a renovation loan may help.

Community Partner Grant

To thank those who serve our community, we can assist in accessing matching funds for the down payment and closing costs incurred when purchasing a home, up to $10,000.

1st Time Home Buyer Grant

Up to $7,500 for a home purchase or rehabilitation.

AL Housing Finance Authority Step Up

Step Up is designed for low- and moderate-income Alabama residents who need down payment assistance.